I’ve been involved in home improvement since I was a teenager working with my best friend’s dad learning how to build houses. I managed a home improvement super store and was the Director of Sales and Marketing for a large air conditioning dealer. Along the way there were many home improvement projects at my house and friends’ houses. Then there was my radio and television shows and my “Big Home Improvement Book” that won a few literary awards and made my publisher’s bestseller list. There were home improvement trade shows, speaking  engagements and appearances. I was able to help thousands of people with their home improvement projects.

Then I went for my annual physical. I was in pretty good shape for a guy my age, but I was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease that was destroying my kidneys. Then there was a stem cell transplant, chemotherapy and finally dialysis.

As you can imagine, home improvement wasn’t at the top of my list of concerns, but then I realized that home improvement was a lot broader topic than paint, wallpaper and flooring. It was more than deciding between a swimming pool and a new kitchen. For all of us that are believers this world isn’t our permanent home. We’re looking forward to our home in heaven and heaven doesn’t need any improvement, but our temporary homes here are certainly in need.

We have several temporary homes. There’s our body, probably one of the most neglected of our temporary homes. Then there’s our families and the best families could probably use a little improvement. Each of the roles in a family could be considered as one of our temporary homes too. Whether it be husband, father, wife, mother, son, daughter, brother, or sister in our immediate families and then there’s uncles and aunts and cousins and we could go on, but each has a role in this temporary home we inhabit. Each can be improved on. Most of us have a church home too and I’m sure I wouldn’t get much of an argument saying that our church homes could use some improvement.

The church in general is shrinking and having less and less influence in our world today. As “America’s Voice of Home Improvement”®, I decided that I would use my time working to help improve the various temporary homes we inhabit while we’re here on earth in the hope that we will glorify our Lord and influence those around us in a positive way towards a relationship with God. That’s what “Real Home Improvement”is all about.

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